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Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting

“Ye that are turned to the light, and gathered into it, meet together and keep your meetings, that ye may feel and see the life of God among you, and know that in one another.”          George Fox Epistle 186 (1659)

Our Mission Statement

Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting is a representative body of local Friends meetings and exists to serve those meetings and the institutions under its care.

It does so by holding periodic Meetings for Business relevant to those meetings and institutions, lifting up member meeting events and ministries, and facilitating intercommunication to foster community.

In accordance with Faith and Practice, Quarterly Meeting serves as the body through which minutes of concern from Monthly Meetings are received, discerned, seasoned and approved for eventual consideration by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. (approved 10/24/2021)

Attend PQM

We meet quarterly, four times a year, on the fourth Sunday of January, April and October, and on the third Sunday in July (so as not to conflict with when Philadelphia Yearly Meeting usually holds its Annual Sessions). All are welcome!

A typical PQM session includes:

  • Worship & hospitality with our host Meeting
  • Program: an opportunity to learn from our hosts and each other about a topic of importance to our host Meeting
  • Meeting for Worship with attention to Business

Upcoming PQM sessions

January 28, 2024 | April 28, 2024 | July 28, 2024 | October 27, 2024

PQM Reps Planning Meetings

Each local Quaker meeting identifies representatives to help plan Quarterly Meetings. These reps meet approximately 6-8 weeks before each Quarterly session.

Learn more about what a PQM Representative is and how to become one.

Contact Us:

Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting
Friends Center
1515 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States
Email:  info@philadelphiaquarter.org